You give 100% on the job, keep 100% of your Pension

  • "What if your pension plan..."
  •               was truly guaranteed? 
  •               had no Wall Street risk?
  •               was always solvent?
  •               never had any "pop up" option to reduce your                 benefits?


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The Pension 

of the 


and...was TAX FREE!

Pension Max First is working closely with Union Leaders to deploy a new "Future Pension Model" designed to enhance, improve and secure a guaranteed retirement for hundreds of thousands of union members throughout the United States.

Today’s retirees are being asked to take less in their pension checks and new workers are asked to contribute more in an effort to preserve the “pension fund”. Investment risks, longer benefit periods, reducing workforce and under-performance are causing pensions to collapse at an epidemic rate.

We currently have a patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office filed on May 5, 2017 to save the American Pension!

Listen to our Managing Partner, Brett Saso talk about the Pension Max First program and patent on the LaborPress, "Blue Collar Buzz" radio program.

Brett T, Saso, Sr. 

Managing Partner & Co-Inventor

An example of a Pension Max First Financial Timeline Illustration on a new Union Apprentice 

(Timeline of Brett Saso,Jr - Local 17)

The scenario: 25 year old Apprentice

  • Brett Jr. joins the Pension Max First plan through his Local, funding $600 per month (less than $22 per day) until he retires.
  • Brett Jr's Pension Max First Plan and Employer Pension Plan grow in parallel. There is no vesting period in the Pension Max First plan.
  • Immediately on Day 1, Brett Jr. has a death benefit coverage of over $900,000.
  • The cash value of the Pension Max First plan keeps growing, never losing momentum or money. 
  • No fear of pension fund insolvency and no Wall Street risk or fees! 
  • At age 75, Brett Jr will have over $1.8 million in cash and a death benefit of $2.6 million for his family.
  • Brett Jr. can withdraw his money at anytime...TAX FREE!

Yes, this IS Brett's son!!